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Re: FC4 x86_64 dies with heavy SATA RAID load

On Wednesday 29 June 2005 21:58, Mark Miksis wrote:
> Very interesting reading - thanks for the link.  Some of those posts
> suggest that the newer 3Ware firmware may "improve" the issue.
> Otherwise, I guess I'm in the market for a different 4 channel RAID 5
> SATA card.  Any recommendations?

Actually, I have some 9500s that are finally getting stable. Each new driver 
revision and each new firmware is better than the last and by now, I have no 
issues (also running the x86_64 but on amd hardware). 

Anyone who asks me, usually gets a 8500 controller as recommendation because 
unlike the 9500s, those are actually rock solid. You should try the firmware 
updates and maybe the driver (if there is one newer than the one in the 
kernel you're running) and see if you can't get your box stable that way - as 
I said before, it worked for me.

Also, you might want to get an AMD system next time if you have heavy IO and 
more than 4GB ram - the AMD iommu requires no bounce buffers...


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