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Re: FC3 core over RH9, now no BIND :(

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
Am Do, den 30.06.2005 schrieb John Summerfied um 4:04:

Darryl Jones wrote:

Hi Guys,

We installed FC3 over RH9 this weekend, and now BIND isn't seeing the zone
files in /var/named. I did a chown named:named for all the files, made sure
the path was in named.conf....nothing. I replaced named.conf with a backup
(pre FC) copy, nothing.

You should understand that FC is a test-bed. It's probably broken when it's installed, it seems certain to break at least once before its next release. Worse, it has a short life cycle.


Sorry John, one hasn't to do with the other. Or you may had the
intention to reply in a different thread. Darryl upgraded from a non
Fedora distribution where no upgrade path is supported in any way and he
is confronted with a change of the default configuration of bind. I
don't see why there is need to comment that with "FC is a test-bed" and
"probably broken".

It seems from what else he said that his is a pretty important job (primary DNS for various domains). For such a task, I think the choice of FC unwise, it's the sort of thing you want to have running hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month....

Reports and experience here suggest FC is not the best choice for such important work.



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