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Re: FC3 core over RH9, now no BIND :(

On 6/29/05, John Summerfied <debian herakles homelinux org> wrote:
> Reports and experience here suggest FC is not the best choice for such
> important work.

That's because a technical support list isn't the best place to gain a
good understanding of a product's reliability.  Most of the people
posting are posting because they had an issue, not because everything
worked fine.  The folks for whom everything works great out of the box
generally aren't posting about that fact.

"Hey, I installed FC3 today and everything worked!"

"Hey, guys, when I installed FC4 over my FC2 installation, the upgrade
was smooth.  Despite this, I expected evolution to not work.  To my
surprise it works great!"

"In upgrading my server from FC3 to FC4, I forgot to dump my MySQL
databases first.  Fortunately, all my databases worked just fine
without my having to do anything."

These are not the kinds of stories posted to a list like this (in
general).  So of course you're going to get the impression that
"everything is broken" when the only people talking are the ones
posting things that are broken *for them*.


"With the way things are starting to go in this country, if forced to
choose between being caught with a van full of pirated DVDs or heroin
you'd actually have to pause and think about it." -- Michael Bell,

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