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Re: Strange problem with the eth0 connection.

Ryan escreveu:
Can you ping IP addresses of webservers not hosted by your ISP?

Do you have iptables turned on?

Vinicius wrote:


I just did a fresh install of FC4.
I have configured an ethernet connection, eth0, with the following information:
static IP: 10.X.X.Y
default gateway: 10.X.X.X
primary DNS: 200.A.B.C
secondary DNS: 200.A.B.D

where X,Y,A,B,C,D,E and F are appropiate numbers.
The primary and secondary DNS are the nameservers of my provider.

I can only navigate under the domain of the provider.
Any other address is unknown.

I'm using an ADSL router NAT'ed, the external IP is a public IP and the
internal is the static IP above.

My system is dual-booted, so on the other OS, I'm able to browse the Internet
normally. And before FC4, I did have FC3 which was working fine.

What am I doing wrong, please?
Any ideas to resolve this, please?



I just added my gateway to the nameserver list, and now all is working fine.


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