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FC3 --> ubuntu --> FC4

At this point I've gone full circle, or maybe it's a semi-circle...a
little background... I was using FC3 on my HP nx9110 laptop for quite a
while. I always had some minor nuisances, but stuff I could live with.
Then I did an adp-get dist-upgrade and totally blew up xorg where my
machine was almost unusable. After fighting it for a while, I decided to
try ubuntu. Ubuntu was pretty good and I liked some things, but I'm a
redhat/fedora person, so back to FC. 

I installed FC4 which went smoothly. I'm still left with the same old
problem I had before, the video on my Radeon 9100 IGP. Default install
is working fine on the laptop's internal display @1280x800. I tried
using the built config under Desktop/System Settings/Display to enable
the second monitor, but as before, I've had no luck getting that to

Time to try the Radeon drivers. I downloaded and installed
ati-driver-installer-8.14.13.run. It installed fine and glxgears runs. I
ran the fglrxconfig, but then I can't start X. The conf file that is
created is totally hosed, seemingly ending in the middle. It's missing
an EndSection and missing a Screen section, so I'm not sure how hosed it
is. I tried both a Single display and their second option of being able
to switch between internal and external display.

Doesn't seem like I'm asking that much out of linux. All I want is to be
able to use my internal laptop display at 1280x800 and use my external
LCD panel at 1280x1024. I'm not talking about spanning or anything. Both
displaying the same thing, so I can close my laptop when I'm at my desk
and use the external. If I open the laptop and walk away with it I want
to use the internal.

So, is it possible to do this? (I know this is 'yes')
Is anyone willing to help me with a working xorg.conf? (I'm hoping this
is 'yes')

I'd be happy to post whatever information that would be helpful. <whine>
I'm tired of fighting this battle. 


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