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Re: Wireless cards

John Summerfied wrote:

Justin Willmert wrote:

I just found this list:
not FC4 specific but it's a place to start.

Try http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/. It provides a kernel module so you can load windows drivers. It's how I got my wireless lan card to work.

Please, don't buy a card based on its working with ndiswrapper. Instead, reward those vendors who help us by providing or helping with Linux support.

A Windows driver could potentially do Bad Things to your system.

A Linux driver could potentially do Bad Things to your system. So?
IMO, the fewer fingers in the pie, generally, the better. Making drivers
from one OS try to run on another does not sound like a good idea to me.
Whether they be Windows or Linux or whatever is irrelevant.

What do you do if the Windows driver's broken? What do you suppose the vendor will do? Laugh?

In my experience, they fix it, and offer upgrades by free download from their
web pages. What happens if a Linux driver is broken? "Well, you have the
source. Fix it yourself!"

I subscribed to this mail echo in hopes of getting useful information about how
to make my machine run a little better with Linux. I didn't expect to see a lot
of moaning about how vendors don't spend oodles of money developing
stuff for their products so they will run with a less-used operating system.


Chipset vendors to avoid;

Is this a technical or a personal criticism? Why don't you write a driver for these
cards? I think that's the usual "Linux community" response.



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