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Re: Samba on FC3

I did this once!! 

I tryed the hard way (using the conf files) and
couldn't do it, then I try the easy way and it
worked... I installed webmin and configure everything
useing the website.... then looking into the smb.conf
and winbind (nsswitch.conf) that webmin rewrote, It
seems that I had to use a different group of users

winbind uid = 16777216-33554431
winbind gid = 16777216-33554431

Those were the default range that worked from webmin,
I tryed others like 10000-60000, and I couldn't get it
to work....

so, that's what I know... 
hope this helps.

I just tryed this because I read it was posible (Linux
and Windows 2003 Domain), but I'm not useing it, it
was an experiment, but it seems that I'm gonna have to
do it again when my company buy the parts of a NAS
server wich I will have to assemble and configure

 --- Tim Holmes <tholmes mcaschool net> escribió:

> Hi Folks:
> I am continuing to work with samba on FC3 for use as
> a file server etc.
> I have set up my server according to the
> instructions on
> Here is my smb.conf file


> The specific problems that I am having are:
> 1. User authentication against the domain 
> 2. User creation etc - long and convuluded process 
> 3. Profile directory for windows (to store roaming
> profiles WILL NOT WORK -- even if it has 777
> permissions -- I have absolutely no clue on that
> one)
> Comments or suggestions are most welcome
> If anyone prefers to work with me directly via phone
> or IM, that can be arranged as well
> The domain is a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain
> Thanks again for all your help
> Timothy A. Holmes
> IT Manager / Webmaster / Science Teacher
> Medina Christian Academy
> A Higher Standard...
> Jeremiah 33:3
> Jeremiah 29:11
> Esther 4:14

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