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Re: problem with internet connection when booting

Am Do, den 30.06.2005 schrieb Scott Jan um 14:30:

> I am using fedora core 4 and I can manually connect to the internet with
> the Network Device Control.
> However at boot my adsl connection fails with the message:
> bringing up interface SKYNET .... /sbin/adsl-start line 215 ... FAILED
> I use pppoe adsl en SKYNET is my ISP. Can anyone help me with this
> problem? If not how can i disable linux from trying to connect with the
> internet at boot time?

> Jan 

It appears to be an SELinux related problem (got a report by another
person about the same problem). You should see audit / avc messages in
/var/log/audit/audit.log (if auditd is running) or in /var/log/messages
(if no auditd runs). With the latest selinux-policy-targeted-1.23.18-17
update the problem should go away (so far the other report). Else you
could boot with kernel parameter "enforcing=0" to see if the problem


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