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Re: Some thoughts for the future

Mike McCarty wrote:

I agree with the sentiment about diversity. No one size fits all. I like the
way Firefox is more adaptable than IE. More of the features can be
"customized". But you know something? Not all features even deserve
to exist. IMO, tabbed browsing is one of them. Not the best feature ever
dreamed up. I'd like all the features to be configurable, even disableable.
It would be nice NOT TO HAVE TABS AT ALL.

I myself LOVE tabs in my browser. I believe that tabbed browsing is one of the best features ever developed in a browser. I also use tabbed consoles extensively on my machine. Why would I want multiple windows of the same application taking up system resources when I can tab them and navigate faster with less system strain? Not to mention that when I want the console or browser out of the way to do something else, I don't have to minimize multiple windows, just one.

So, it seems to me, that your own prejudices are showing a little bit.

<flame on>

Really? And yours aren't? Customization allows us to change the software to meet our specific wants and prejudices.


I find that I'm frequently
accidentally doing things with the mouse because I can't just disable

And I bet you would prefer your car ran on rails so that you'd stop running into things after you disable that stupid steering wheel.

<flame off>

All that said, I do agree that turning features off should also be an option. If you don't like tabs, you should be able to turn them off. If you don't want to click with your middle button, you should be able to turn it off. If you can program and can donate the time, you should consider helping add those options to those projects.

Have a great day!

Mike McEldowney
Information Systems Director / Information Security Officer
Delta Regional Medical Center
1400 East Union Street
Greenville, MS 38703

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