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RE: Samba on FC3

> Tim,
> your mail already reached us through this list 17 hours ago. Not
> a reason to repeat. Ok? :)
> The problem is certainly that what you want to realize is a
> issue (samba with ADS master). Though you are using FOSS software not
> all is for free. What I mean, you can certainly hope to get some tips
> and help for specific questions, but to expect that someone will
> you with a fully functional solution may be a bit too much. I think
> is a reason why you got no answer to your first mailing.
> Much luck anyway.
> Alexander
> --
[Tim Holmes] 

Alexander and All others -- I am very sorry for the repeat,  I did not
get a copy of the message as I usually do when I posted it before, so I
assumed it had gotten lost in cyberspace -- MY BAD

In truth, all I am looking for is tips and pointers in the right
direction, I certainly don't expect anyone to set it up for me --
Actually I really don't want that because then I wouldn't learn what I
need to.

I am hoping that someone can spot an error in my smb.conf and let me
know how to fix it or point me at a solution that I have not been able
to find


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