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Re: Wireless cards

jdow wrote:
From: "John Summerfied" <debian herakles homelinux org>

I have a couple of Prism54 cards that work well. Some (at least) Atheros-based cards are fine, and I note d-link is now labelling its product to indicate which use TI, which use Atheros.

Um, do you have the Linux driver for those atheros chips or are you
using NDIS? And do you use WPA? My laptop will need to be WPA aware
with the D-Link Atheros chipset three band beastie. (At least it will
"someday.") I have the pieces. But it looks like I'll have to rebuild
the Atheros stuff I have with the WPA files as well. Poo what a (small)

_I_ have two prism54 cards, and those work with standard kernels. You need the madwifi project (I don't know whether it's integrated yet). It's a bit of a maze, but you start at sourceforge.

btw Daughter lives in Canberra. Daughter bought a laptop. Daughter took it home, turned it on and it said, "Do you want to join this network?"

Latest is, she has a choice of three unsecured wireless networks.

atm the weak point in my wireless is my laptop which has an 11b Wavelan card. Works fine, but only does 40-bit WEP.

I intend to fit one of these: http://www.techtopia.com.au/product_info.php/products_id/919



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