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Re: Some thoughts for the future

On 6/30/05, Mike McCarty <mike mccarty sbcglobal net> wrote:

> Did you read what I wrote? I am asking for more ability to customize.
> And why should having multiple instances of an application running take
> up more resources? I happen not to like tabbed browsing. You do.
> Fine. How about a system that allows features to be disabled? Is that
> too much to ask?

No, which is why there's already an extension (probably several
extensions) that can totally disable tabbed browsing.  There's also
several extensions for making more out of tabbed browsing that FIrefox
does by default.  The point is that there's already a framework in
place in Firefox for configuring its behavior -- even behavior the
designers didn't originally anticipate.  Asking for another method to
do essentially the same thing is just adding to code bloat and
inefficiency.  And that's already the trademark of a different OS.

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