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Re: Some thoughts for the future

Mike McCarty wrote:
John Summerfied wrote:

. m a r c o s a u g u s t o wrote:

It'll be so easy for linux os to be "the OS" in earth

That would not be good. We need the diversity of alternatives, of competition. What happened to IE after MS "won" the browser war? Nothing. It's only now, after Firefox et al have had tabs for years that MS is thinking of maybe adding this feature sometime.

I agree with the sentiment about diversity. No one size fits all. I like the
way Firefox is more adaptable than IE. More of the features can be
"customized". But you know something? Not all features even deserve
to exist. IMO, tabbed browsing is one of them. Not the best feature ever
dreamed up. I'd like all the features to be configurable, even disableable.
It would be nice NOT TO HAVE TABS AT ALL.

So, it seems to me, that your own prejudices are showing a little bit. IMO,
IE is better than Firefox in this respect. OTOH, Firefox does allow one,
sort of, to turn tabs off.

Nothing forces you to use them. OTOH I regularly (most days) read www.theregister.co.uk (www.theregister.com and www.theregister.ca for North Americans). open the home page, then middle-click all the interesting items.

I then start reading the first to load, middle-click any interesting links and so on until I'm done.

Right now I have 42 windows open spread over 18 desktops, several browsers have several tabs - one has 15, but I often have more, and most konsoles also have several.

However, I can specify the "default search engine" to be either "Google" or "Ask Jeeves", but I cannot specify "none". I can specify where to open the search tab, but I cannot specify "no search tab".

The search tab is the first thing I turn off.

You can have endless fun stuffing round with the Mozilla family of browsers in about:config. Probably, you can even get no search engine.

As a more general comment, it seems to me that all options which are configurable should be disableable. For example, I have a mouse with a wheel, and the wheel is also "clickable". I find that I can configure the third button to do any of several things, but "nothing" is not one of them.
I could certainly make it do nothing in some contexts, but I don't see how that would be useful.

For example, I use KDE, If I middle-click the desktop, the default behaviour is to open a window list. I _can_ change that to do nothing.

If you feel strongly that you should be able to turn off selected mouse clicks, by all means file a bug report and be prepared to argue your case.

I'm not trying to dump on Firefox. I like it. It's more configurable than IE. But IMO not configurable enough. I find that I'm frequently accidentally doing things with the mouse because I can't just disable "features".

If you have special accessibility requirements, I suggest you take it up with the developers of your preferred desktop. Probably, if you can make a good case you will get a sympathetic hearing.



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