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Re: Install problem

Ugo Bellavance wrote:

	I tried installing FC4 and it terminates with an exception.  Anaconda
tells me to copy that and submit a bug, but the error message is quite
long.  I was wondering if there was a way in the install to paste the
error message (I could copy it) in a file so that I can send it
somewhere (via ftp, scp?).  It was a graphical install and the error
message looked like a pythin backtrace.

It used to be possible to put it on a floppy - not easy of you don't have one.

Given another computer and a null-modem cable, you can install using a remote console and so log the entire process with a terminal program such as minicom.

I think there's also a trick to make the graphical install display remotely. On your other Linux box (in X), enter the command
xhost +
and at the boot prompt something akin to

There may be more options; read the docs looking for things such as VNC and ssh/telnet.

btw I've had that traceback - back around RHL 7.3. In my case, I'd specified something wrongly, and anaconda's exception handling is fairly feeble, Or was then. Check the stack printout for anything you said.



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