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Re: File Types and Associations ???

Scott Talbot wrote:


[I wrote]

Nice explanation. How does one add to the list?
For example, I downloaded Adobe Acrobat, and it
installed itself as /usr/local/Acrobat5/bin/acroread
but when I try using Gnome to open PDF files, it

Open With->Other Application->(select one of)

ggv                    not in menu
GNOME PDF VIEWER       in menu for "PDF document"
xpdf                   not in menu

So there seems not to be an option to use it.
I'm sure there is a way to configure this, but
it isn't obvious. There is a button there

"You can configure which programs are offered
for which file types in the File Types and Programs
dialog. ...... go there"

Clicking that brings up a dialog box which has
a "browse" button. But browsing down to
acroread and installing it removes the path
information. For example, looking right now,
I see "acroread" is in there. I put it in there
with the browse, but it doesn't show up as an
option for opening, nor as the default.


Go into the properties dialog and select the Open With tab . Find the ADD button near the bottom. Another dialog will open that will list all the apps in your Menus. If Acroread did not install an icon, select the "use a custom command" just under the "menu-selector box". You should now see a standard Gnome- file selector box, just navigate to /usr/local/Acrobat5/bin/acroread and select Open - That's it!

When I go to the properties dialog box I get these options:


I see no "add button".

If I select GNOME PDF VIEWER, it comes up and does its thing.
If I select OTHER APPLICATION, I get the dialog I mentioned above.
There is no "add" button on that dialog box. That box has these buttons

   for "ggv" there is a "Modify" button (I can select which of 3 to modify)
   for "File types and programs" there is a "Go there" button which acts as
      described above
   at the bottom are "Help", "Cancel", and "Ok"

Thanks for the reply.


This message made from 100% recycled bits.
I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.
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