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Re: FC4 good new tech, bad legacy support

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Richard Kelsch wrote:

Ok people, I'm not trying to be a bummer here, so please read this as if it was meant to entertain, not insult. Think of me as a whining comic. However, there is a seriousness to the root of this message:

After installing FC4 I was impressed with all of the new features, speed and such. As a stand alone OS, it is superb. For me, everything "stock" worked "out of the box." All hail Fedora Core 4! I was singing praises, people were on the streets in awe. Life was good. The installation went well, it operated well, everything that was installed from the "core" or "extras" binary rpms worked superb...

However, I noticed after I started installing software I needed (gzipped sourcem CPAN modules etc.), it's not very compatible with older "legacy" software. In fact, as a rule, getting software not in the "core", "extras", or "freshrpms" trees to work is a royal pain in the fanny. Nothing compiles without errors. In fact, luck is a big factor getting anything to work once you think you've got it compiled. This isn't an issue with only one piece of software, otherwise I'd consider myself ranting. No, I'm not going to file numerous bug reports for things I'm not exactly sure where the bug is. Yes, I had tried the gcc32 trick as well, and nothing works like it should.

If the software doesnt work with either gcc 3.2 or gcc 4.x then its probably broken. GCC 4.x is there as the primary compiler. compat-gcc-32 for legacy support. I am not sure what else could be done better here. any ideas?

It works on FC3 without problems and that's gcc32. The "broken" theory seems to fall apart there. Thanks for the attempt though, it is appreciated.

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