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Re: FC3 core over RH9, now no BIND - UPDATE

Am Do, den 30.06.2005 schrieb Darryl Jones um 17:41:

Please  don't top-post.

> Ok, I chrooted BIND and now it sees the zone files. The issue I'm having is
> that BIND won't start.
> I created the user and group "named" and chowned everything under
> /var/named/chown/var/named to named:named, and set /dev/null etc but it
> doesn't want to start.

> Darryl Jones

bind is verbose when starting. You see syslog messages in
I don't understand why you felt to create an named user manually and why
to set permissions by hand, including to make the chroot environment
There are several possible reasons why your bind fails. We have too less
information about your setup to judge. One general - which is a
difference to your previous RH9 - change is that on FC3 you have to keep
an open eye on SELinux if this is active.


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