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Re: Some thoughts for the future

On 6/30/05, Richard Kelsch <rich csst net> wrote:
> Also,
> the "function over form" perspective is one of the reasons why Linux is not
> marketable to the average computer user; and never will be until programmers
> finally get together with artists and designers.  Both would be surprised
> what the end result can do.

You mean like this? http://www.gnome.org/~seth/blog/

Not everyone who works on GNOME (specifically, or Open Source / Free
Software in general) is a hardcore coder.  There are designers,
graphic artists, usability experts, and yes, even documentation

Just because you can't code is no reason not to get involved.  I do
get irritated when people respond to feature requests with "get
coding" -- it's arrogant, silly, and in most cases rarely uttered by
actual project coders.  Making a feature request (a good one, not just
saying "Why does project X suck so much?  Fix it!", but something with
use cases, user stories, the lot) is just as valid a form of
participation as sitting down and checking out the code.

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