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libpqxx for Koffice's Kexi -- which version?

Dear friends:

I am trying to solve the last stage of the "make" phase, where, after 90
minutes, Koffice stalled. I am told that this error message is due to
the pqxx issue. So, I am trying my best to figure this out. Here is a
list of my pqxx libraries:

[sher localhost ~]$ rpm -qa libpqxx
[sher localhost ~]$ rpm -q |grep libpqxx
rpmq: no arguments given for query
[sher localhost ~]$ rpm -qa |grep libpqxx

The question is: do I need an updated version of these libraries? If so, please see below:

[sher localhost ~]$ cd Downloads/Koffice [sher localhost Koffice]$ ls koffice-1.4.0a libpqxx-2.5.4.tar.gz wv2-0.2.2 koffice-1.4.0a.tar.bz2 libwpd-0.8.2 wv2-0.2.2.tar.bz2 libpqxx-2.5.4 libwpd-0.8.2.tar.gz [sher localhost Koffice]$

What I would like to know is whether this is the issue? And if I should therefore replace the ealier version of libpqxx and libpqxx-devel by first "yum remove filename", then recompiling the later tarball version. Will that work? Is it OK to do this?

Thank you.


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