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Re: Will my graphics card support this?

On Thu, 28 Dec 2006 21:15:01 -0500
Andrew Robinson <awrobinson-ml nc rr com> wrote:

> Do these lines mean my video card will not support this resolution or 
> that I need to do some configuration to get the card to support this 
> resolution or something else entirely?

Fedora Core 6 is, in theory, much more automagic about configuring X
than earlier versions (but the magic may only work right if you are
using a DVI interface - VGA may not provide all the info X needs).

For FC5 and earlier, you may need to dig information
out of the log file and turn it into a X mode line manually. For an
example of what I had to do see:


(my experiences were with radeon, not nvidia, but most of the X
stuff is similar - I've successfully used the technique at work
to get large LCDs to talk native res with nvidia cards).

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