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Re: Screensavers - Removing

Ross A. Osborn wrote:
Analogkid wrote:

Is it possible to remove a specific screensaver?  There are just a
couple which I prefer not to have, or which my vid card doesn't
display very well.

Do I need to edit a config file?  Or can I rm the program itself?  If
they can be removed, where are they stored?

Thank you


I would also like to know how to do this. My kids like to go into the preferences screen and play around to see what they all do. Unfortunately the Web Collage screensaver downloads images at random from the Web. Many of these images should not be on a screen where small children are or in a work environment. I don't consider myself a prude but I do think this one should be removed.


Usually you run xscreensaver-demo and uncheck the screensavers that you do not want.

using noof and collage as a search, the below came up for files. Webcollage is the screensaver that you really do not want on your system, I suppose.


  locate noof
[root localhost ~]# locate collage
Well fix that in the next (upgrade, update, patch release, service pack).

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