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Re: How to make Fedora4 build threadsafe for Postgresql?

At 3/1/2006 12:40 AM, Paul Howarth wrote:
On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 00:05 -0600, Matt England wrote:
> I received the following problems while trying to build postgresql-8.1.3 on
> FedoraCore4.  Can anyone provide any feedback or suggestions for help?

The rawhide postgres 8.1.3 package builds thread-safe; why not take the
SRPM and try rebuilding it on FC4?

I take it "rawhide" is he codename for FC4? (I'm ignorant; I'm dealing with porting my software to a myriad of OSes across the board.) Is this an appropriate reference:



And can I confirm via the above docs somewhere that it's built with the './configure --enable-thread-safety' flavor?

If you're dead set on building it yourself, you might want to look at
the spec file and see how RedHat do it:


Ok, thanks Paul for these great references. I don't yet know redhat/fedora spec files/language, but I may learn soon enough if need be. (I suspect this is the stuff needed to write things like .rpm packages, but I'm not sure.)

My main reason for building from source: if my group finds an integration problem (or just general bug) when we integrate/embed with postgres, we like to be able to address the bug in source and rebuild the integratable portion/library/whatever and deliver it to our customers quickly...and we don't want to have to wait around when/if said crisis hits and try to poke around and figure out how to get the source to build when we are rushing to deliver said fix/patch (even if it's a fix on Postgres' behalf which we would also push back to Postgres' site).

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