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Re: Ideal Server Hardware Choice

Timothy Alberts wrote:
I'm researching purchasing 2 new servers for our network.  Ideally I
want to be 100% compatible with FC Linux (obviously).  Our network is 50
clients with 164K internet connection (slow).  We run:

-Internet gateway via iptables/firewall
-DHCP/DNS for local network
-Sendmail averaging 3-4k messages/day with POP3 via dovecot
-Apache web for intranet with perl/php/mysql.
-MySQL database is large, but access is maybee 3-5 clients at any given
-Ideally converting to Tomcat application server for intranet (replacing
-FTP (maybee SAMBA again someday)
-OpenLDAP for unified login, company address book
-Remote access may be added when we get the bandwidth to support it...

Not to different from what we're running on a Pentium III 500 or so. New drives tho: I prefer Seagate these days (five years warranty I home I won't need).

Unlike David, I dislike Intel: 512 Mbytes of RAM for the 815 series chipsets was never a good idea, its technology's been behind AMD for years. For new, I'd go all-in-one ASUS, a Sempron CPU (cheapest), 512 Mbytes (maybe a Gb) DDR400 RAM. You could probably get ten of these for around the price of an IBM server:-)

Note: bearing in mind what's been said hereabouts re burning DVDs and 2.6 kernels, if you might want a DVD burner, might I suggest Centos 3? 2.4 kernel, lots of life left in it. it's what _I_ plan to install in some critical places RSN.



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