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Re: Screensavers - Removing

>> Is it possible to remove a specific screensaver?  There are just a
>> couple which I prefer not to have, or which my vid card doesn't
>> display very well.

Ross A. Osborn:
> I would also like to know how to do this.  My kids like to go into the 
> preferences screen and play around to see what they all do.  
> Unfortunately the Web Collage screensaver downloads images at random 
> from the Web.

Hmm.  ;-)  Oddly enough, ones that do that don't seem to work from me.
And *some* of the ones that are supposed to grab frames from the screen,
don't either.

If you look in the advanced properties for individual screensavers, you
can find the executables that they use.  You could try removing them,
making them non-executable, or putting something else in their place.
Test this for any bad reactions, though.

You could also probably change the permissions on their configuration
file, so they couldn't easily change it.

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