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Re: Ad-hoc or Managed WiFi mode?

Timothy Murphy wrote:
I'm running my desktop WiFi card in Ad-hoc mode,
but for some curious reason  my laptop only works well
if set to Managed mode.
It works sporadically if set to Ad-hoc mode.

I'm puzzled by this;
it doesn't really matter, as it seems to work perfectly in this way.
But I'd be interested to know why.

I should say that both the cards are Orinoco Gold (Classic),
the one in the desktop being in a PCI-to-PCMCIA adaptor.
I'm running FC-4.

"Managed" is for use with an access point.
"Ad hoc" is for use betweeu (typically) peecees and such without using an access point. I'd not expect a wireless device configured "ad hoc" to talk especially well to an access point. "Master" configures the device as an access point. You should be able to configure either one of your Orinoccos as "Master" and the other "Managed." "Monitor" is used by software such as Kismet to sniff the air and see what traffic's about. Good for conducting a security audit of your neighbourhood to discover rogue users and access points.



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