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Re: [OT]: Apache config

On 3/1/06, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 12:55 +0000, Dan Track wrote:
> > I've run out of ideas on how to get this done, so I'm hoping that
> > someone can help.
> >
> > I have url: stats.foo.com
> Really?  Is "foo.com" yours?  It's a real domain name, even if its a
> cybersquatter or bogus wildcard result.  Don't confuse things, nor get
> domain names indexed in search engines, by using bogus domains.  Use
> example.com for examples, that's what it's meant for.
> > inside I have anumber of locations:
> > location1
> > location2
> > etc..
> What do you mean by "locations"?  Files, directories, URIs that produce
> something that's not directly referring to filespace?
> Probably <Location> directives might be what you need, but you've not
> provided enough information.  <Directory> could be what you want.
> > What I'd like to do is allow person1 to access everything but only
> > allow person2 to access location1. The site currently is protected
> > with htaccess, but I'm struggling to creat a rule or location or
> > directory tag to allow this to happen.
> Adapt to suit (read the manual for more information) something like the
> following:
> -------- below here ---------
> AuthType Basic
> AuthUserFile /web/users
> <Directory /location1>
> AuthName "Restricted location 1"
> Require person1 person2
> </Directory>
> <Directory /location2>
> AuthName "Restricted location 2"
> Require person1
> </Directory>
> --------- above here --------
> It starts with the stuff that can be common, then has individual
> sections.  The AuthName is what'll appear in the browsers authentication
> GUI, make it short and sensible.


Thanks for your help.

True I should have used example.com. Silly me.

So to clarify the location urls will be:

location1 and location2 are files in the directory pointed to by the
url: stats.example.com.


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