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Re: Nit-picking, silly curosity question?

Thanks Paul;

Then, that answer begs another question?

On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 15:15 +0000, Paul Howarth wrote:
> William Case wrote:

> > Some of them come with '[Bulk]' as the first word on the Subject line;
> > some just start with 'Re:'.  Why is that?
> Your mail client or your ISP is tagging the mail as "[Bulk]"; the mails 
> do not arrive here, nor in the archives, with tags like "[Bulk]".
> Paul.
 I suspect my mail client.  My ISP is rogers.com cable.  I belong to
three or four other mailing lists and they never have the "[Bulk]"

I suspect it is the result of starting as a newbie three years ago.  I
have blown up my Linux and Windows operating systems several times since
then and had to reinstall.  That's OK.  I chock it up to a learning
experience.  But along the way I have used Fedora List for help, both
from a newly installed Fedora and/or Windows (when I had completely
killed Linux and my hard drive by accident).  

How would I get "[Bulk]" tagging removed from my mail client if it is
there by accident?

Where do I check?  

This not a major issue for me.  It is just that as I learn stuff, I
would like to clean up any messes that I might have left behind me.

Regards Bill

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