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Re: Yum better than RPM?

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Albert A. Modderkolk wrote:

If you tell yum to "yum update  ImageMagick" and it has only one
architecture of ImageMagick-c++ available, it will give you that warning
without telling you which architecture it is failing for.  This is due to
the weird quirk that on that platform you can have both 32 bit and 64 bit
packages installed at the same time.  (I have an AMD64 laptop.  I see that
problem every once in a while.  Especially if the i386 packages get
deprecated or never get added to the x86_64 repository.)

Yes, I should have taken a 32-bit system.  64 bits don't bring much in
performance at this time and lots of problems...  I sometimes dream of
Firefox showing me a jigsaw piece and telling me to download the latest
and greatest plug-in... which isn't there for 64-bit systems!

I have considered making an alternate build of Fedora that has 32 bit versions of the browser components instead of the usual 64 bit versions. There is no technical reason why it would not work. It would solve the plug-in issues and it would be "fast enough".

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