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Re: Networking Fedora in a Windows Environment

Does that still pertain if I have SAMBA set to allow access to everyone?

> I thought I'd add that without a windows authentication server
> (domain, AD, etc.) you need a smbpasswd entry for each user on the
> linux machine, so the linux machine can authenticate the users.  "man
> smbpasswd".
> Most common omission when dealing with SAMBA.

> > > Does anyone have a reference on Networking Fedora Core on a Windows
> > > Network.  The Windows Network is a small peer-to-peer office network
> > > with about 6 computers and a couple of networked devices (printers).
> > > There is no server and we use file sharing.  Thank you.
> > The first package you should look into is called SAMBA.
> > Log into KDE (K Desktop Environement if you installed it).  From the 'start menu' select System Settings -> Server Settings -> Samba.  Select 'Add Share' and select your home directory '/home/youraccountname'
> > -or-
> > I think by default, SAMBA does not run.  You can start it by opening a terminal and typing the command 'service smb start'.  Although you'll probably need super user access so from the terminal type 'su' and enter the root password when prompted.  Once SAMBA is running you can probably access the configuration through a web interface called SWAT.  Open your web browser (probably firefox) and enter the URL  If it says no connection available, then you'll have to enable it as a service.  Unfortunately, I got some other things ot do and don't have time to explain that one now.
> > -or-
> > Something else you might be interested in seeing is a program called WEBMIN (www.webmin.com).  This is a web based interface to managing your computer.  It has access to managing programs users hardware, everything.  It also has an interface to configure SAMBA.  You can download a .rpm (Redhat Package Management) file which is easy to install.  Again, I can't explain that now, out of time...

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> Sam Peterson
> peabody freeshell org
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