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RE: Advice on setting up Raid and LVM

Hi Fajar,

I would say it is basically a matter of your personal taste.

However, if you wish to extend your LVs later without too much
I would prefer initially setting up one large RAID 1 which should
as one PV.
I would only separate the /boot partition to an isolated RAID 1
meta device.
Though it is possible to put /boot onto an LV I would strongly
disuade you from doing so.
The issue here is disaster recovery because you need a specially
tuned kernel and
initial ramdisk that can cope with loading the kernel from a
/boot LV,
which the recovery mode of your distro's install CD usually
doesn't provide.
Btw, for the same reason I found the ubiquitious Knoppix live CDs
practically useless
for my Linux boxes.

So in /etc/fstab I would set

/dev/mdo	/boot	 ...

as mountpoint.

Then, assuming you built a big enough /dev/md1 to host /, /usr,
/var, /tmp, /home
I would create a root VG from one big PV


# pvcreate /dev/md1
# vgcreate -s 16 -p 8 -l 64 vgroot /dev/md1

And then create your LVs al gusto


# lvcreate -L 512m -n lv_root vgroot     # if you're afraid you
could increase / to 1G but usually 512m should suffice
# lvcreate -L 3072m -n lv_usr vgroot     # depending on the
amount of binaries you install, cave kernel sources
# lvcreate -L 2048m -n lv_var vgroot     # for a web or mail
server producing large spools and logs set high
# lvcreate -L 512m -n lv_tmp vgroot
# lvcreate -L 1024m -n lv_opt vgroot     # some non-OS binaries
like Fedora's Directory Server install here
# lvcreate -L 2048m -n lv_home vgroot     # depending on how many
users you host

Then create filesystems al gusto

# vgdisplay -v vgroot|awk '/LV Name/{print$NF}'|xargs -n1

If you run out of PEs and you need to increase any LV you can at
any time
add other RAID1 devs

e.g. you have spare md2 md3 md4

vgextend vgroot /dev/md[2-4]

and then 

lvextend -L +4092m /dev/vgroot/lv_home

ext2online /dev/vgroot/lv_home


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> Subject: Advice on setting up Raid and LVM
> Hi all,
> I'm setting up Raid 1 and LVM on 2x80GB SATA drives.
> The partition scheme is like this:
> /boot = 300MB 
> / = 9.2GB
> /home = 70GB
> swap = 500MB
> The RAID is RAID 1.
> md0 = 300MB = /boot
> md1 = 9.2GB = LVM
> md2 = 70GB = LVM
> md3 = 500MB = LVM
> Now, the confusing part is:
> 1. When creating VolGroup00, should I include all PV (md1, 
> md2, md3)? Then 
> create the LV.
> 2. When setting up RAID 1, should I make those separated
> for /, /home, and swap? Or, should I just make one big RAID
> The future purpose of using LVM is I want to be able to 
> expand any partitions 
> that would run out of space into a new disk.
> Thank you very much.
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