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Re: motherboard

John Summerfied wrote:
Felix Miata wrote:

On 06/03/01 13:07 Andrea Bencini apparently typed:

Is this motherboard (AsusTek P5P 800 se) compatible with Fedora Core 4?

Unless you're getting it for free, consider another made by someone besides Asus. http://www.mozillaquest.com/Linux04/Asus_Sucks_Story-01.html

That is one story. I've heard one similar story (about ASUS support, nothing to do with OSS) in Australia.

That's two stories.

My own experience with ASUS motherboards has been good; I generally buy cheapies.

I've had bad experiences with Intel (specs rather than support issues, I'd likely not buy one new), Gigabyte (try _them_ for support! I can't even update my BIOS), PC-Chips.

My next mobo will probably be ASUS. I have a choice of chipsets (so can avoid Intel). Unless it's VIA (for Nehemia and his mates).

Like you I like Asus boards and they have worked well with my AMD processors.

I also look for nVidia chipsets as I normally can get drivers from them.

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