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Re: Yum better than RPM?

2006/3/2, Ralph Grothe itdz-berlin de <Ralph Grothe itdz-berlin de>:
> > Can you tell the rest of us what we are missing by running
> > a 32-bit browser or is the difference just indescribable?
> >
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> >   Les Mikesell
> >     lesmikesell gmail com
> >
> Grin - I was also tempted to ask him what all this 64bit fuss was
> about
> with regard to some browser plug-ins.
> (n.b. I occasionally am still content with lynx)
> If it was a DBMS where you needed unrestricted shared memory
> sizes,
> or storage chunks, or similar...
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you are pulling in 32 bit libs which eat up ram...

and then again why are you using 64 bit fedora at all if you dont like
the 64 bit fuss? ;)
backwards compat is nice but personally i prefer fixes instead of
workarounds, just a matter of attitude.

just curious...

rudolf kastl

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