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USB drive as bootable install media?

I could have sworn I read somewhere a while back, that the boot.iso or other
such install mechanism could be inserted somehow onto a USB thumb drive, and
then used to kick off an install.

I have a USB hard drive that I have a copy of the install sources on, as
well as as a usb thumb drive, and I wish I could use one or both to perform
an install (as opposed to the tried and true cdrom boot method).  I would
like to be able to just attach one or both of these devices and perform an
install or upgrade on a server that has no cdrom drive.

I say "one or both" because, in my mind I see the thumb drive holding my
boot mechanism, and the diverting over to the USB hard drive for install
sources... but if the boot mechanism could be put right onto the USB hard
drive and eliminate the thumb drive, well then that's the obvious better
scenario.  So, maybe using the hard drive as an alternative to the FC4 DVD?

Can anyone shed any light on this?


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