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Re: Reliable file system?

Em Quinta 02 Março 2006 16:42, Scot L. Harris escreveu:
> On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 16:34 -0300, Marcelo Magno T Sales wrote:
> > Hi, folks
> >
> > I have an FC4 box in a location where there are electrical
> > instabilities (i.e., frequent power failures). Often I get
> > corrupted files after these failures.
> > Due to burocratic problems, I'm unable to get a reliable nobreak
> > for this machine. Is there a more reliable file system (even if
> > it's slower) to use in this situation?
> What file system are you using now?

Sorry! I'm using ext3. Thought it's journal would be more efficient 
than it has been.

> A UPS may be a better solution.  There are packages that allow the
> system to monitor the UPS and prior to the UPS exhausting the
> battery can run a standard shutdown on the system for you.  APC has
> such software and I believe there is a third party package as well.

No doubt about that but, as I mentioned before, I'm unable to use this 
solution right now.



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