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Re: [FC4] Thunderbird-1.5 rpm?

Paul Howarth wrote:
On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 14:07 -0500, M. Lewis wrote:
Stuart Sears wrote:
On Thursday 02 March 2006 01:00, M. Lewis decided we wanted to hear the following:
Thanks Taharka. Had I ever created an rpm, that would probably be a good
solution. Unfortunately I haven't and I didn't see any instructions
there for doing so. If you have a pointer to some instructions that
would be helpful.
the instructions are at (nearly) the same location as the rpm...
including the source files you need to create your rpm.

but in brief...
This all applies to a user called 'stuart'. You'll need to adjust it for a *non-privileged* user on your system. Do NOT build rpms as the 'root' user. you can also use a directory name other than REDHAT. that's just what I tend to use. The other directory names (SPECS etc) are not customisable without a greate deal of messing about.

1. create a file in your home directory called .rpmmacros
it should contain:
%_topdir /home/stuart/REDHAT

2. now create a basic build tree

3. put everything in place:
put  the thunderbird.spec file into /home/stuart/REDHAT/SPECS
cp the 3 source files thunderbird-1.5.tar.gz, thunderbird.png and thunderbird.desktop into /home/stuart/REDHAT/SOURCES

4. now use the thunderbird.spec file to build the rpm:
rpmbuild -bb /home/stuart/REDHAT/SPECS/thunderbird.spec

which, if all goes well, should create loads of output and then eventually write the file

ps setting up the build environment as in steps 1 and 2 above can also be done by using yum to install a development-specific rpm.
yum install fedora-rpmdevtools
and then fedora-buildrpmtree
I've just always done this manually...


Very cool. Thanks Stuart. One question, why do not build the rpm as the root user?

Mainly for protection against poorly-written specfiles and Makefiles,
which could end up clobbering bits of your system if you build packages
as root. By building packages as a regular user, you won't be
overwriting any files that you don't have write permission for. It's
even worth considering creating a separate account just for


Thanks Paul for the good explanation.


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