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Re: want to build automated install cds

Jasper, Chris wrote:

8. boot my target computer from that boot cd
The target computer boots off the cd but does not seem to read the
ks.cfg file as it asks me all the regular install questions instead of
getting the answers from the ks.cfg file.
Is this the correct procedure?

How are you telling Anaconda where to find the kickstart file? You need to specify it on the boot commandline, and I don't see that you updated the isolinux configuration.

You can test what to enter with your existing CD:
linux ks=ks.cfg
and the variations thereon. The file can be in the initrd file, on the CD outside the initrd (inside your virtual floppy or outside, I think), on a floppy, hard disk (including, presumably, USB), and then there are network options.



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