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RE: want to build automated install cds

I tried doing a linux ks=ks.cfg at the boot command line and I got a
message that states:

Error opening kickstart file
(null): Bad address

If I hit ALT+F3, I see the following (last 2 lines):
*load module set done
*getting kickstart file

I have tried the following:

linux ks=ks.cfg
linux ks=/ks.cfg 
linux ks=/root/ks.cfg
linux ks=/tmp/ks.cfg
linux ks=/sys/ks.cfg
linux ks=/cdrom/ks.cfg

and I get the same error message.

So, what is the proper syntax if my ks.cfg file lives in the root of my
boot cd?


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Jasper, Chris wrote:

> 8. boot my target computer from that boot cd
> The target computer boots off the cd but does not seem to read the 
> ks.cfg file as it asks me all the regular install questions instead of

> getting the answers from the ks.cfg file.
> Is this the correct procedure?

How are you telling Anaconda where to find the kickstart file? You need
to specify it on the boot commandline, and I don't see that you updated
the isolinux configuration.

You can test what to enter with your existing CD:
linux ks=ks.cfg
and the variations thereon. The file can be in the initrd file, on the
CD outside the initrd (inside your virtual floppy or outside, I think),
on a floppy, hard disk (including, presumably, USB), and then there are
network options.



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