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Preview Video content in Konqueror


Up until recently I have been able to use Konqueror to preview all sorts of files, including video. However since upgrading to FC4 I can no longer do this. Video previewing seems to have been totally removed from Konqueror altogether (though it still works fine on my Debian box).

Normally one can just go to the View and select Preview->Video, but the Video menu item is no longer there. It has Sound Files, Images, Text Files, Font Files, Electronic Business Card Files (?!), but no mention of Video.

I have read about other people having this problem and re-installing kdemultimedia or kdemultimedia-extras fixing it for them, but no such luck in my case. I have installed and re-installed mplayer, xine, kaffeine, kmplayer, kaboodle, noatun, et al ad nauseum with no effect.

What can one do to get video previews back?


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