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Re: Preview Video content in Konqueror

Greg Trounson wrote:

> Up until recently I have been able to use Konqueror to preview all sorts
> of files, including video.  However since upgrading to FC4 I can no
> longer do this.  Video previewing seems to have been totally removed
> from Konqueror altogether (though it still works fine on my Debian box).
> Normally one can just go to the View and select Preview->Video, but the
> Video menu item is no longer there.  It has Sound Files, Images, Text
> Files, Font Files, Electronic Business Card Files (?!), but no mention
> of Video.
> I have read about other people having this problem and re-installing
> kdemultimedia or kdemultimedia-extras fixing it for them, but no such
> luck in my case.  I have installed and re-installed mplayer, xine,
> kaffeine, kmplayer, kaboodle, noatun, et al ad nauseum with no effect.
> What can one do to get video previews back?

What version(s) of kdemultimedia worked?  What version(s) of
kdemultimedia and kdemultimedia-extras do you have installed now?

-- Rex

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