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Re: no sound from internal mono channel on Aopen MiniPC

  There is  a small (everything in this thing is small :-) ) cable from the speaker that attaches to a mini plug on the motherboard that is labeled 'speaker'.

  Nothing comes out of this speaker, and that is the only place it can connect to.  The standard beeps will come out of the stereo speaker out (green 1/8 stereo jack on the back) if speakers are attached, but nothing from the internal speaker (after unplugging the speakers, assuming that they would prevent the internal speaker from working).

  The MiniPC manual talks about the 'Mono internal speaker' and gives the impression that it is a separate sound channel, and indeed, a mono channel does show up in alsamixer, but enabling that doesn't produce any results.  I was wondering if there was another module (like pcspkr) that needed to be loaded to get the mono channel to work.


John Cole

Tim wrote:
On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 03:08 -0800, John Cole wrote:
Well, the internal speaker is plugged into the motherboard, but I
don't know how to set the mixer to address it.

Just to be perfectly clear...

Do you mean that you've plugged the speaker into the speaker output on
the motherboard? Which means that it, the speaker, should "beep" at
appropriate times, itself.

Or do you mean that you've taken the motherboard's speaker output and
cabled it up to the sound card's speaker input? Which means that
speaker beeps will come through the sound system just the same as wave
files, and anything else generated by the sound card?

NB: Even if the sound card is part of the motherboard, you might still
have to play with cables.

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