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Re: moving cyrus imap

On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 21:40 -0800, Robert Bell wrote:
> I'm building a new server and I want to move cyrus to the new box.
> Whats the best way to do this. Some down time is ok but I have to keep
> all the mail and configuration. Can I just copy everything over?
> -- 
> Robert Bell


I just went through this last Saturday.  It's still somewhat fresh in
the old mind.

For my home IMAP server I did the following.  I use saslauthd and mech
PLAIN.  Your auth method may require more.



If the new box is running a different version of DB then you will need
to convert the old database info to the new format.  See:


for details of the conversion (specifically Comment #7).

Make sure cyrus-imapd, saslauthd and sendmail are not running before
restoring the above files.  Start those services when the restore is


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