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Re: automounting cd prob (was: impatient for FC5 release)

--- Josh Coffman <josh_coffman yahoo com> wrote:

> > So what happens when you try to mount a CD?
> > 
> When I pop in a cd it spins up then idles, but doesn't
> appear to mount. (Both in Gnome and KDE) Nothing
> appears on the desktop and I don't find it mounted in
> /mnt or /media.
> I haven't checked dmesg because I my laziness has won
> over wanting to fix it, so far.
> I'm not sure, but it seems to have started with the
> 2.6.15 fc4 kernels. btw, this is a pavilion zv5440 laptop.
> -j


I have the same problem for the past 2 months or so. I have also been lazy, but
I can not also automount a USB stick. Also, the /media drive is empty. No
mountpoiunt is available there anymore. 

Btw, I noticed when I rebooted into the new kernel yesterday that the HALdaemon
failed to start.

I am on a Dell Precision 650 dual-processor. My laptop (Dell Latitude C840)
does not however have this problem. I have the latest FC4 kernels.

Thanks and best wishes!

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