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Re: OpenOfficeDraw

On Fri, 2006-03-03 at 22:26 +0100, Peter Lesterhuis wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to export files from OpenOfficeDraw as .eps - file.
> When I try to export a file from OpenOfficeDraw (file-export-) a dialog 
> box opens. In this box is a dropdown menu where one can choose the 
> filetype. The menu should show several filetypes. In my box there is an 
> option for only one filetype: PDF. I am not confusing the other export 
> entry: file - Export as PDF. However, the dialog boxes that pop up from 
> both export entries are identical.
> I uninstalled OODraw and reinstalled via yum. But this did not change 
> anything.
> On another fc4-box I see 9 export options in this dialog box, among 
> others "eps".
> Perhaps this is not a fedora-list issue. Does anybody have a clue?
> Peter.

I don't have any problem exporting to eps, png and others
may be you need to install some files,

here are mine
$ rpm -qa |grep office

may be the filter files are responsible for it

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