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Re: broblem whit nic card

l.schneide wrote:
Hi Mikkel

i don't understand your replie


Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
l.schneide wrote:
Hi all
Thanks for you replie
but impossible ta make it to start. I got a dualboot with NT and its
work fine.
If i type cat /proc/interrupts i don t see it and the irq 11 is not use
Anyboddy got an idea ?
Where do i write manualy (what file) the config of the etherlink III ,
only in modprobe.conf . A what do i write exatly ?


l.schneide wrote:

Hi all

I got a probleme to configure my nic card on fedora core 4. I use the
network configuration under Gnomeand i can't cofing. the NIC
I got a 3com Etherlink III on IRQ 11 and I/O 0x300. I tied a lot of
think but i can make it to start.
first In what field do i put the I/O adress ?
and second in what file the config is write to see if it's right ?

If you promise to stop top posting, I will tell you how to fix it.
(You need to use the option statement in modprobe.conf.)


hi all

I make all that i can do to start my nic card and it impossible
If i do cat /proc/irq  i dont see the irq 11 used
In /etc/modprobe.conf i got

alias eth0 3c509
option 3C509 io=0x300 irq=11

The card is not in Pn'P mode. I configure it manualy with the good values. and it work fine with NT and W98 as this
thanks for your replie

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