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Re: impatient for FC5 release

Anthony Messina wrote:

>>>The official answer to this is that FC5 test 3 is *not* for general use.
>>>The phrase "it eats babies" has been used. Expect bugs. The Fedora
>>>developers expect you to look for bugs and report them.

>> I know we are always given this warning.
>> But what is the probability (approximately)
>> that one will be able to upgrade from FC-5 test 3 to FC-5?
>> Incidentally, has there been any change so major
>> that one cannot upgrade from FC-4 to FC-5 test3
>> by simply upgrading individual packages?

> fc5-test3 is a devel system, with devel repos installed.  are you
> planning on having your fc5 stable system set up with all the devel rpms?

I guess my expectation was that most of the "development" packages
would become standard versions by the time FC-5 came out.

Timothy Murphy  
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