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RE: FC5 - T3

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On Sat, 2006-03-04 at 12:16 -0800, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

>   Problems:
>   - Cannot update the software - Software update tool fails
>   - Cannot add/remove software for the system - tool fails
>   - Cannot locate xterm so that I could see if I can manually execute YUM
>   So --  how can I startup an xterm so that I can update FC5 T3 with the latest updates?

Can you use control+alt+F1 and then update?  If not, try booting to run
level 3 and updating.  Can also try gnome-terminal and see if that

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"It's only funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious!"



Mike, Thanks for responding - 

I found that my network was not working - which explains
some of the problems (cups,ntp) and it turns out I had two
network cards and did not configure the 'other one' which
is my active LAN.  With that out of the way - I can now
access the Internet via my hardware firewall.

I found the 'Terminal Icon' - Was used to finding this under
System Tools but it is in the 'Applications->Accessories menu
location so I was now able to get the xterm window so that I
can run the Yum updates.

Geez...  LOTS of updates for Yum! Yum, Yum, keep yum coming :-D

Will of course keep y'all posted on the results.  So far is FC5 T3
is very good!  I did note another anomoly when I rebooted the system
from Gnome that the reboot process did not completely shutdown as it
appears the it was stuck in the XEN shutdown process and wasn't letting
it go.  I had to force a hardware reset to get past this.

Anyway - appreciate your response.  I think I am now on the way
to at least get the updates I need and to hopefully install the
complete apps that I forgoed in the installation process.
Hopefully most everything should be successful!

Kind regards,

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