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Re: impatient for FC5 release

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Anthony Messina wrote:

The official answer to this is that FC5 test 3 is *not* for general use.
The phrase "it eats babies" has been used. Expect bugs. The Fedora
developers expect you to look for bugs and report them.

I know we are always given this warning.
But what is the probability (approximately)
that one will be able to upgrade from FC-5 test 3 to FC-5?

Incidentally, has there been any change so major
that one cannot upgrade from FC-4 to FC-5 test3
by simply upgrading individual packages?

fc5-test3 is a devel system, with devel repos installed.  are you
planning on having your fc5 stable system set up with all the devel rpms?

I guess my expectation was that most of the "development" packages
would become standard versions by the time FC-5 came out.

yes, the packages will become official, if that's what you mean, but your computer will have yum configured for all the devel repos, not the standard repos which means whenever you do a yum update, you'll be updating to the latest devel stuff.

i may be mistaken, it is possible for the upgrader to automatically change all this stuff, but i'm not sure that it does.

any expert answers out there?

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