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Re: impatient for FC5 release

Anthony Messina wrote:

I guess my expectation was that most of the "development" packages
would become standard versions by the time FC-5 came out.

yes, the packages will become official, if that's what you mean, but your computer will have yum configured for all the devel repos, not the standard repos which means whenever you do a yum update, you'll be updating to the latest devel stuff.

i may be mistaken, it is possible for the upgrader to automatically change all this stuff, but i'm not sure that it does.

any expert answers out there?

Releases are snapshots of the current development tree which is frozen for sometime to stabilize. This is a relatively short duration for test releases and longer for general releases.If you have enabled the development repository, you will have to disable it manually before Fedora Core 5 is released or you will move to into the development branch headed for the subsequent release which is Fedora Core 6.

If you are installing the test/development branch just to get to a head start, be aware that the development releases may have debugging options enabled and are intended for testers to provide feedback to developers through the fedora-test list discussions and bug reports in http://bugzilla.redhat.com. More serious testing would be very useful to get a better final release out of the door though.


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