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RE: FC5 - T3

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Subject: Re: FC5 - T3

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> I found: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/development/i386/images/
> and boot.iso is only 6.7MB
> Seems a bit too small for updates?
> Can you give me a link where it is?
> Thanks!
> Dan

The boot.iso media that Mike Chambers suggested allows a network install 
via http or ftp which updates packages with the latest versions 
available initially. You are actually only booting the computer, 
connecting to the network, selecting either ftp or http installation, 
entering mirror information. You still would need to pull in updates as 
they arrive post-install. You would be testing the latest fixes (or 
breakages) for anaconda.

One drawback is that the boot.iso changes every day and you must make a 
new boot.iso from whatever is current at the time. (Stage 2 is off of 
the network and stage is off the boot.iso. You should use rewritable 
media since the life cycle for the boot.iso is so short.

Since you are seeing so many failures with the FC5T3 test media, using 
the ftp/http install from the most current packages might work out 
better for you. You can also report any regressions from previous 
installers if you find any.


Off Topic:
Somehow your message content is getting placed below the signature for 
messages that you reply to. This causes your message to be trimmed from 
the reply by others. (Seamonkey mailer anyway.)

What I want is all of the power and none of the responsibility.


I am using M$'s Outook program and unfortunately no one has told
me how to fix it so that I can get the reply-to working so that
it comes out correctly.  If anyone can tell me how to do it I
would be very grateful.  Andrew Dalloz told me this many times
and I still have this problem and no solution.

As for trying to install all of the applications onto my new FC5-T3
I have been using the 'Package Manager' and what a piece of **** this
program is!  Geez - if this program should hang for whatever reason
then starting it over again tosses out the MB's of downloaded files
and starts over!  Someone need to fix this piece of junk and make it
smarter - it should KNOW that there is downloaded files and use them
if selected from the list again.  Basic features should also include
packages not only from the Internet sources from but should allow the
user to define source(s) in the order selected.  For example,
Check CD first, if not, check my repository folder, if not check the
Internet. This way it looks for the FASTEST "download" first proceeding
to the slowest download source.  It should have built in smarts so that
it should USE the previously downloaded files if taken from the Internet
and not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Sheesh.

Sorry - it's not you...  I spent all day and night downloading and PM
threw the baby out with the bath water, sigh.

Meanwhile, I am seeking a better and more reliable package manager so that
I can successfully install the ones I fore-goed in the original setup since
that failed for me off the CD's

Anyone have any suggestions how I can proceed?

Kind regards,

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