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Re: A couple of questions

On Sun, 2006-03-05 at 17:41 +0000, Anil Kumar Sharma wrote:
> IMO you have to create new user names in your FC5
> installation. /home/usernames has many hidden files and folders
> keeping settings and preferences of your programs / executables.
> Finding one to one compatibility between ubuntu and fedora settings is
> difficult. 
> Suggest that you retain only your old user data files in /home and
> take appropriate care of old setting files.
> /root is a new username in your FC5 installation so it works OK. So
> will other newusernames if U create them in FC5. 
This is a major "throw out the baby with the water" recommendation.

It helps to learn how to do things rather than just wiping the slate
clean and starting over.

Although you are correct in the observation that there are differences
between distributions, you certainly should try learning the
differences.  Following your suggestion would mean that no one should
keep /home because you cannot figure out the differences and make
adjustments.  Create new users indeed!!!!   I THINK NOT.

> HTH.
> On 3/5/06, Stelian Iancu <stelian iancu gmx net> wrote:
>         1. I had Ubuntu installed on my laptop and I have installed
>         FC5t3 
>         instead (I kept only my /home partition). Now, in every
>         terminal I
>         start, the prompt is bash-3.1$. However, this happens only for
>         a normal 
>         user, for root, the prompt is root hostname  What file do I
>         have to
>         modify in order to get a normal prompt also for the regular
>         user?
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> Anil Kumar Shrama 
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